17 Ounce Two Wick Clear Glass

17 Ounce Two Wick Clear Glass

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17 Ounces / Two Wick 

Our large candle is now taller, wider & 17 full ounces of pure soy wax poured with two wicks for a stronger scent in your home! 

Christmas Tree Farm: Cypress, Bayberry, Cooling Eucalyptus, Fir & Patchouli

Christmas Morning Magic: Sweet Orange, Ground Cinnamon, Creamy Vanilla & Exotic Clove

Gingerbread: Cinnamon, Nutmeg, Ginger, Warm Vanilla & Sugar

Rainbow Row: Tropical fruit, Sugared Orange, Lemon and Lime, Exotic Mountain Greens

Sweetgrass Basket: Sea Salt, Sandalwood, Aloe, Agave & Green Leaves

The Barn Signature: Woodsy Balsam, Pine, Warm Vanilla & Fresh Mint