Spring Fragrances


Welcome and Happy Spring to You!

I hope you find our space welcoming, relaxing and a beautiful inspiration to keep your home as comforting as we find everything here in the South.

 We're proud to offer products with only 100% American Grown Soy, Phthalate Free & Vegan Friendly Fragrances, Pure Therapeutic Essential Oils & (Lead and Zinc Free) Eco Friendly Cotton Wicks.

Below, you'll find scent descriptions of each fragrance currently available for purchase this season!

Sun Dress
cherry blossom, hydrangea, lemon, blondewood & vanilla
Flower Crown
fern, rose, jasmine, lily & sandalwood
fresh cut grass, hydrangea & lemongrass
Wind Chimes
rosemary, garden mint & crisp sunwashed linen
The Bright Side
pomelo, red grapefruit, tangerine, sugar water & red berries
Love Notes
(available in 6oz Gold Travel Tin)
frosted peony, rose & sugared pomegranate
The Lake
wood sage, cedar wood & bergamot
Sunday Nap
creamy vanilla, cashmere musk & lavender
The Barn Signature
woodsy balsasm, pine, warm vanilla & fresh mint