Crafted Box - Building Relationships Within Our Community

Meet Chrisi, founder of the Crafted Box based in Greenville, SC.
Christi reached out to us requesting our candles in her box for Mother's Day which led to our curiosity about her growing business. Learning more about her story and her love for community and local artists, we just can't help but share how she's caught our attention and gained our admiration for her passion for lifting others up.
What a beautiful trait to carry - a powerful sense of community in business. It's just so rare these days!
"I had wanted to get out of my full time retail job for awhile, but when my store closed its doors unexpectedly I was thrown into unemployment a lot sooner than I was planning. I knew I wasn't cut out for a desk job and I really didn't want a 9-5, nothing really seemed to fit for me. I set out to design a job around the life I wanted to have. I wanted a career that was flexible and always changing to keep me interested. I have had this gift box company dream for awhile and knew that was the perfect career for me. So, I started Crafted box.
My Greenville based gift box company is unique to other gifting companies because it is built to support the creative businesses and the art community around us. My gift boxes are filled with local handmade items and are used by creative businesses to strengthen their client relationships. The company as a whole is all about building and strengthening relationships. Crafted Box helps build relationships between artists and customers, between businesses and their clients, and with the Mother's day boxes we are strengthening the relationship between a mom and a child. I love meeting and working with so many talented people in our community. Every day I am inspired by the photographers, potters, candle makers, and realtors that work so hard to make their small business dream a success. Every gift box purchase is an invest
ment in relationship building and that makes our community stronger."
Be sure to check out the Crafted Box on Instagram to follow along her latest box! She's curating her Father's Day boxes now and we can't wait to see what's inside!