A Spa Day, Any Day.


 "Having our own Signature candle line at the spa has been a dream come true! Curating our own Signature scent was a labor of love and Morgan allowed as many revisions as needed until we had the absolute perfect mix of Rosemary, Peppermint and Lavender to evoke that spa feeling at home. Morgan also captured our branding to a tee and kept in mind our modern aesthetic and colors from designing the metallic logo to the candle votive. Thank you Morgan for elevating the spa experience for our guests as now they can take a little piece of the spa with them!"
Here in Greenville, we have a city FULL of incredible small businesses, and I'll tell you this...we're the luckiest to be a part of the Organic Tan Face and Body journey.
Lindsey reached out to us during the VERY beginning stages of our business and I was shocked. How could this very well known and wildly successful local business be reaching out to US? More importantly, why would she believe in my work?
Fast forward a year and a half...I am so deeply grateful for everything she's done for us, but more importantly the impact and well of knowledge Lindsey shines bright on our community. Anyone who knows her KNOWS!
The devotion, heart and soul she carries behind her business is unmatchable. I've never met anyone with a drive to help everyone succeed like this lady boss! I KNEW when it came time to create a product for Organic Tan Face and Body, I had to match my efforts serving her clientele with my whole heart, just like she does.
We worked together to create an entire spa experience wrapped into one clean candle holding her favorite Rosemary, Lavender and Peppermint Essential Oils.
We're so excited to introduce this "labor of love" to Greenville and cannot wait to hear how YOU enjoy this perfectly clean candle - Only available at Organic Tan Face And Body!